By purchasing any of our products, all buyers assume full responsibility for its use, and understands that any and all products should not be used with small children left unattended.  Teethers, pacifiers, & all baby gear are well secured, but as with any product, adult supervision is recommended.  If you have any questions regarding the products featured on our website, we recommend that you contact us at malyandmora@gmail.com


We reserve the rights to change, modify, remove or substitute without notice any information shown on the web site or any other literature owned by Maly + Mora from time to time.  All of our products can contain small parts such as elastic, wood, beads, drawstring, buttons, which may pose a choking hazard to young children. Drawstring, ribbon, or elastic could cause strangulation if misused or if the child is left unattended. Our product packaging should not be used by children. Adult supervision is recommended when a child is wearing or playing with any product(s) purchased from Maly + Mora at malyandmora.com. We deny responsibility for any harm or damage that occur incidental to any product of or related to Maly + Mora.